Newbie at this Blogging Thing!

Wake up with a smile!

So I am giving this blogging thing a try! I have heard great things from people about their experiences blogging, so I said “Hey! Why not?”

To be completely honest, I don’t completely understand the concept of it just yet. I mean that in the way of how is it different from posting the exact same thing on my facebook wall. If anyone wants to give it a shot in explaining it to me, than “Yay!”, I welcome anyones thoughts and opinions.

A little about me is that I am 23 years old, originally from Monterrey, Mexico, but raised in good ol’ NC. I am a Spanish Interpreter and Translator. I also work as a Direct Support Professional at a group home for adults with special needs. I love being able to help and care for people in both of my jobs and I am oh so thankful to have these positions!

I love life. I love Jesus. I love my family, people, dogs, sunflowers, butterflies, colors, palates, zumba, traveling and MORE.

I believe in being there for others first in a world that teaches to put ourselves first before others. I truly believe that if we all try to love others who need it most, instead of just being loved, we can one day achieve peace.

Well that’s it for now. Bad picture, but this will have to do until I get a better camera phone in 9 days (iPhone 6s, yay-uhs!).

Good day to my 2 blog readers. 😉